We hope to run candidates in most wards. These candidates will be announced in the months leading up to the next election.



Stephen Berry

Candidate for Mayor and Councillor of Albany
Stephen Berry is a 32 year old retail manager. He believes the problem of affordability is one that another new regulation cannot fix. Auckland Council is becoming the cause of poverty by driving up the cost of property ownership and increasing the portion of income people use to pay their rents. To make Auckland affordable we need a Council which makes it easier for development by reducing the regulatory burden.

Dirk de Boer

Manukau Candidate
Dirk is a 20 year old web developer who lives in South Auckland with his wife and son. He is committed to reducing red tape and cutting waste by making Auckland Council focus on its core responsibilities. He believes we ...

Matthew Foster

Waitakere Candidate
Matthew Foster is 32 years old and a lifetime resident of West Auckland. He has an interest in helping shape the future of the West ensuring the amenities provided meet the needs of a growing population, having ...